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Getting Started with Azure

Published onDec 11, 2018
Getting Started with Azure

Azure Accounts and Teams

There are Azure Passes available for teams; see Ryan Gaspar. Each account needs to be associated with a {Microsoft Account & email address}. Teams can create new accounts for this, or project leads can use their own.

There is also a shared account with extra GPUs for projects that need this.

Sharing an account with your team

If you associate your Azure account with a new email for the team, you can all share that login during the hackathon.

There may be other ways to let people use their existing accounts:
Adding a new user to my Azure subscription (untested)

Using Azure Storage

There is a chunk of the Met data in a shared Azure Storage container. This has half of the images named by ObjectID, the set of subject keyword tags, and a composite spreadsheet w/ full metadata, including links between the ObjectIDs and the resource URL on the Met site.

To work with this, download Azure Storage Explorer and add a new connection by specifying the following SAS URI:

account name: airotationstore
account key: HVtXVr6dcwdlAYUYZ3rF9DpueL3hS4lrVgujZbi7CEQuSb6v4zomginoJOxyTb/2BpFgVOvY51fN/JpARnIgGw==

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