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Reflections and recap

Published onFeb 22, 2019
Reflections and recap

Outcomes from the event

  • A self-documenting process ;-)

  • A good press cycle for all participants

  • Social grounding for deeper collaboration [MxMxM,WP]

  • Lasting, explorable experiences online: storytelling,

  • Repurposable codebase for extending public knowledge: wikidata game

  • Public talks @ Schwarzman Computing opening: next Tues 4pm
    Sarah S + Matthew Ritchie both are giving talks on their work

  • Poster session @ Schwarzman opening: by the externs + Sarah

    next Thurs 5-6pm

key followup: shared code repo with code from all projects maintained in one public place

Hackathon feedback

Making impactful projects

  • Make a common code repo for all projects, so the code is in a shared place from the first day.

  • Have project-documentation in the same repo (or online) as the central result of the event, not a presentation (which can be lost, or hard to reuse)

  • Have possibilities for use, integration, support on the table from the start. The willingness of the Met + MS + MIT + Wikidatans to actively develop the projects that had satisfying demos was essential, and involved explicit $ and hhardware commitments.

Partnerships with cultural orgs

  • Have a space for crafting shared visions for the future, including:
    Education opportunities, research efforts, global information goods

  • Float models for connecting with different existing efforts. Running or maintaining an entirely new initiative is one heavy option; connecting with existing efforts or finding alignment in desired future work can be uplifting

Considerations when working with MSFT (for instance)

  • Great production value (predictable from the points of partnership)

  • Strong opinions about marketing, comms and design ( “ “ )

  • Excellent cloud support for hosting

  • Difficulty w/ sharing source code

  • Different goals, some of which conflict with education and OA mission

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