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wall projection video

Published onFeb 01, 2019
wall projection video


  1. Can videos fade in from in front of white lines rather than behind them? Would look better if grid weren’t superimposed on the image.

  2. Image size: on the primary paths, images should all be the same size and shape:

    Here, the image changes from rectangular to square back to rectangular

    —> Leave Met images original shape, leave gen images all square.

  3. Image alignment: there is space in between some of these images (see above), and some are overlapping. Can we make the alignment uniform?

    1. Image progression:

      • less time in between one sequence ending and the next beginning (no dead time) — better to make the overall loop shorter than have dead time while people are looking at it.

      • so it feels more like traversing a rich tapestry of latent space, could we take advantage of the smaller grid squares to add small images (neighbors in latent space) that appear simultaneously with the large image they’re next to?

        These small squares could:

        -appear one after another, with a quicker fade-in, as the larger image is appearing

        -be semi-transparent so as to be clear that we’re trailing off into the distance in latent space.

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